The National Volunteer Service is governed by a council to direct and oversee the operations of the organization. The Council consists of the Chairman and four other Councilors, apart from the Executive Director as ex-officer to the Council. The Chairman and Councillors are all appointed by the Minister responsible through the National Executive Council for a term of three years and are eligible for re-appointment.  The current members are:

  1. Bernard Maladina (Chairman) representing the Business Sector.
  2. David Wissink, representing the Mining Industry.
  3. Ravu Vagi, representing Department of Personnel Management.
  4. Julius Wargirai, representing Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs.
  5. Anna Solomon, representing Department of Community Development.
  6. Molly Willie, representing National Volunteer Service.

They were all appointed on the 25th of October 2014 but were officially sworn in as council members almost a year later in October 2015.